Last updated 24 January 2017
Last updated 01/24/2017

This page includes reporting information for the (SSG) – Special Education Fund.

Reporting requirements

What do TEOs need to do?

At the end of each year calendar year we require TEOs receiving (SSG) – Special Education funding to report on the additional tutor support for special education provision using the TEC’s reporting template. TEOs must submit reports to us by uploading a completed Report template to Workspace 2 (see Condition SSG001).

Special Supplementary Grant (SSG) – Special Education Fund Report Template 2016 (Word, 452 Kb)

What do TEOs need to report?

The specific reporting requirements for the (SSG) – Special Education Fund about the tutorial support delivered include:

  • details of what was provided for each programme /activity
  • the outcomes
  • the funding and cost.

When do we need this?

For 2016, the reports are due by 15 February 2017. Please note that for 2017, the reporting date has changed to 31 January 2018.