Resources and publications

Resources and publications

Last updated 16 March 2017
Last updated 03/16/2017

This page provides a list of Performance-based Research Fund publications, guidelines and other resources.

This includes user manuals, technical specifications, annual report and performance information, reporting ERI, measuring research degree completion information and older resources.

Guidelines for the PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation

  • Guidelines for tertiary education organisations participating in the 2018 Quality Evaluation (PDF, 2 Mb)
    This document provides information that tertiary education organisations need to determine staff eligibility, complete Evidence Portfolios, understand and participate in the TEC audit process, and understand the reporting of results. It also provides information about other related processes, such as submitting conflict of interest notices and complaints to the TEC.

  • Guidelines for the 2018 Quality Evaluation assessment process (PDF, 1 Mb)
    This document provides information about the assessment process undertaken by the 13 peer review panels. This includes information on the responsibilities of the panel, the scoring system and detailed scoring descriptors for Evidence Portfolios, the stages in the assessment process, the moderation process, and information about conflicts of interest and confidentiality.

  • A guide for staff members participating in the 2018 Quality Evaluation (PDF, 1 Mb)
    This document provides staff members with an overview of the process, their responsibilities and the responsibilities of their employing tertiary education organisations and the TEC. It also identifies the key areas of the Quality Evaluation process that relate to them and who can provide support.  The guide is designed to be an overview of the process and it directs staff members to the relevant areas of the other guidelines.

  • Panel-specific guidelines for the 2018 Quality Evaluation (PDF, 1 Mb)
    This document provides subject-specific advice to support tertiary education organisations and their staff members to develop and submit Evidence Portfolios. The panel-specific guidelines are supplementary to, and must be read in conjunction with, the guidelines listed above. 

User manuals

  • PBRF User Manual V4 - updated November 2016 (PDF, 1 Mb)
    A comprehensive guide to the PBRF as a whole. Outlines key components of the PBRF, the purpose and drivers of the fund and information to help tertiary education organisations to respond to the data requirements of the PBRF.

  • Workspace 2 template
    Data collection for PBRF (PDF, 517 Kb)

Technical specifications

We have updated the technical specifications based on the final published guidelines:

The sample XML and XSD documents for the Evidence Portfolios are available on request. Please email if you would like us to provide these to you directly. 

Annual reports and performance information

Reporting External Research Income (ERI)

  • Guidance on completing ERI returns can be found in the PBRF User Manual (PDF, 1 Mb).

Research Degree Completion Business Rules

Older resources

  • 2012 PBRF Quality Evaluation Guidelines. Updated May 2013 (PDF, 1 Mb)
    An overview of the Quality Evaluation process, including eligibility criteria; submission, assignment and assessment of Evidence Portfolios (EPs); Panels, Expert Advisory Groups (EAGs), and audit and complaint processes), - updated May 2013 (PDF, 1 Mb)

  • 2006 PBRF Guidelines (PDF, 2.44 Mb). 
    These guidelines were prepared to help participants in the 2006 processes for the PBRF.

Other historical resources and publications relating to earlier PBRF cycles have been archived and are available on request.