Tools grant – 2016

Tools grant – 2016

Last updated 16 November 2016
Last updated 11/16/2016

We are in the process of updating these fund pages for 2017.


The Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) tools grant is a payment of $1000 to eligible New Zealand Apprentices and apprentice-equivalent used to subsidise the cost of tools related to their training.

Only tertiary education organisations (TEOs) that have signed a MPTT tools grant funding confirmation letter with the TEC are able to apply for tools grants on behalf of trainees.


Who is eligible for the tools grant?

To be eligible for the MPTT tools grant the apprentice/trainee must be one of the following:

  • a New Zealand Apprentice
  • a trainee enrolled in a TEC approved Level 3 or 4 industry trades qualification of at least 40 credits where
    • there is a signed training arrangement between the trainee, and the employer, and
    • the trainee is enrolled with an industry training organisation (ITO).
  • a trainee enrolled in a Level 4 apprentice-equivalent qualification of at least 120 credits, where
    • there is a signed training arrangement between the trainee, the tertiary education organisation (TEO) delivering the qualification and the employer,
    • the trainee is employed in the industry for which they are training (for example studying carpentry and employed in the building industry).

The apprentice/trainee must have previously participated in MPTT provision approved by the TEC and not previously received any government funding for tools (for example Apprentice Reboot).

Applicants must also complete and sign the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training Tools Grant Application form, including the declaration that the grant will be used towards the cost of tools related to their training.

Applicants have 18 months from the date they complete or leave their MPTT course to apply for a tools grant.

Further information about the ‘eligibility for the tools grant’ is available in the MPTT tools grant funding confirmation letter (PDF, 303 Kb).

How do I apply?

To apply for the MPTT tools grant, you will need to read the Information for Applicants and then complete the MPTT Tools Grant Application Form.

Send your completed application form to the TEO administering the tools grant for your MPTT consortia.

Questions and additional resources

If you have any questions, please contact the TEO managing the tools grants for your MPTT consortia in the first instance.  

Additional resources for TEOs