Conditions – 2016

Conditions – 2016

Last updated 9 November 2016
Last updated 11/09/2016

The information on this page is historical. 

For the 2017 conditions for the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) Fund, refer to:

Generic conditions that relate to all off-Plan funds

Specific conditions that relate to this fund only


This page sets out the 2016 legislative requirements for the Māori and Pasifika Trades Training fund.

Legislative requirements


As specified in section 159ZD(1) of the Education Act 1989 (the Act), it is a condition of an organisation (other than a tertiary education institution (TEI)) receiving funding that the organisation will supply to the TEC, from time to time as required by the TEC, and in the form specified by the TEC, any financial, statistical, or other information that it is required to supply.

An organisation that receives funding is required under section 159ZE of the Act to provide the TEC with a number of financial reports. The TEC has exempted organisations that receive Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) funding from providing us with these reports. However, if an organisation is asked for them, it must provide them to us. Organisations must ensure that the records are available for inspection by the TEC at all reasonable times.

Enrolment records

MPTT learners must be enrolled in a Student Achievement Component (SAC)-funded programme or study or training at a tertiary education organisation (TEO).  TEOs must comply with the conditions on SAC-funding.  For MPTT learners, these could be the conditions that relate to funding for SAC level 3 and above or SAC levels 1 and 2 non-competitive, depending on the programme in which the learner is enrolled.  

An organisation that receives MPTT funding should familiarise themselves with the conditions on SAC funding, including those on verifying student identity and verifying student eligibility.


The Determination of Design of Funding Mechanism: Expansion of Māori and Pasifika Trade Training (PDF, 570 KB) (funding mechanism) requires the TEC to impose a number of conditions on MPTT funding received by an organisation. The TEC imposes these under section 159ZD(2)(b) of the Act.

The TEC may also impose other conditions on funding if the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment allows for it in the funding mechanism. The TEC imposes these under section 159ZD(2)(a) of the Act.

An organisation that receives MPTT funding must comply with the conditions specified in its funding confirmation, and in the Act. 

If the TEC is satisfied on reasonable grounds that an organisation has not complied or is not complying with the conditions of funding we may revoke or suspend the funding under section 159ZF of the Act.

These conditions apply to funding for both fees top-ups and brokerage, unless specified otherwise.

Funding confirmation for Consortia, organisations and tools grant

  • Funding confirmation letter for consortia (2016 version archived. Please contact us if you need to view a copy)
  • Funding confirmation letter for organisations (2016 version archived. Please contact us if you need to view a copy)
  • MPTT tools grant funding confirmation letter (2016 version archived. Please contact us if you need to view a copy)