Joint Ventures and Amalgamation Projects

Joint Ventures and Amalgamation Projects

Last updated 27 March 2017
Last updated 03/27/2017

The purpose of the Joint Ventures and Amalgamation Projects (JVAP) funding is to assist industry training organisations (ITOs) to work together with other organisations to facilitate desirable structural change and joint ventures in the sector; support best practice in vocational education and training; and support projects to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ITOs.

Joint Ventures and Amalgamation Projects (JVAP) funding is part of the Industry Training Fund. Funding may be awarded to ITOs and/or other organisations. JVAP funding is capped at $1million annually. 

Who applies:  ITOs

Agreed through:  Funding letter (off-Plan)

Update on the process for new applications (March 2017)

We will consider current JVAP applications together with any new applications received by 13 April 2017. We will advise the outcomes in early May.

There will be a second opportunity for JVAP applications to be considered later in the year - most likely September 2017.

New timeline for applications

To date, applications for JVAP funding have mostly been considered on an ad-hoc basis. Due to increasing demand for this funding, and the number of applications submitted, we propose a more structured application process like other TEC funding allocation processes.

We will let you know about application dates for 2018 in July 2017.

Applying for funding

Funding for JVAP is allocated via an application process.

JVAP application form for funding (Word, 380 Kb) 

Written evidence of each organisation’s commitment to undertake the project must be provided. The application should be made before the project commences.

Funding mechanism

The TEC allocates JVAP funding  in accordance with the Minister responsible for tertiary education’s Determination of Design of Funding Mechanism: Industry Training and Industry Training Organisation Strategic Leadership (funding mechanism).

Information sharing

To promote the purpose of the funding, the TEC may require an organisation that receives funding to share information on funded projects with the wider ITO sector.