Monitoring and reporting

Monitoring and reporting

Last updated 17 November 2016
Last updated 11/17/2016

Performance monitoring and reporting are critical for maintaining transparency and high performance in tertiary education.

The purpose of monitoring is to:

  • provide confidence to the public in the tertiary education system
  • foster and encourage the continuous improvement (educational, financial and organisational) of performance by tertiary education organisations (TEOs)
  • ensure that progress is being made on delivery and performance commitments.

In relation to the Industry Training Fund (ITF), performance areas the TEC monitors include:

  • consumption of funding, measured in standard training measure (STM) volumes, against the agreed dollar value allocation
  • delivery against a mix of provision as agreed to against the Investment Plan
  • delivery of performance commitments as agreed to against the Investment Plan, including any minimum achievement levels
  • compliance with the Education Act 1989 and the Industry Training and Apprenticeships Act 1992 
  • accurate and timely reporting through the Industry Training Register
  • financial information.

A TEO that receives funding that is exempt from the requirement to have an Investment Plan (for example, eligible organisations that are participating in the initial phase of the direct funding scheme) will have the monitoring requirements outlined in the TEO’s funding letter.

The TEC also has a regular audit schedule for industry training organisations (ITOs). Audit dates are discussed and agreed to in advance with each ITO. See Legislative requirements and conditions for more information.


All TEOs accessing the ITF must use the ITR to report trainee and apprentice enrolment activities and performance.

The TEC uses information from the ITR to monitor individual ITOs and the ITO sector performance to provide statistical information and reporting to a number of audiences. See Condition ITF001 for more information about what information a TEO must supply to the TEC.

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Industry Training EPI (PDF, 557 Kb)

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