Last updated 17 November 2016
Last updated 11/17/2016

The enrolment process for trainees and apprentices should:

  • provide information on qualifications and enrolment to the trainee/apprentice and the employer
  • ensure the trainee/apprentice, employer and the industry training organisations (ITOs) all sign the Training Agreement
  • verify the trainee/apprentice’s identity (in accordance with the record-keeping requirements)
  • confirm the trainee/apprentice’s eligibility to undertake industry training (and eligibility of the trainee/apprentice and the programme to be funded)
  • record the enrolment and the training agreement in the Industry Training Register.

There are also a number of conditions and legislative requirements that relate to enrolment. For more information on those requirements and conditions, see Legislative requirements and conditions.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning relates to previous study or experience relevant to a programme of learning a trainee or apprentice is currently undertaking.

Recognition of prior learning enables a trainee or apprentice to proceed with his or her study without repeating those aspects of the qualification previously studied or reviewing skills already mastered through past work or other experience.

A TEO cannot claim funding through the Industry Training Fund for recognised prior learning. See Condition ITF010 for more information.