Monitoring and reporting – 2016

Monitoring and reporting – 2016

Last updated 4 November 2016
Last updated 11/04/2016

We are in the process of updating these fund pages for 2017.


This page relates to funding allocated through the Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Fund. See TEO-led WLN for information about the TEO-led WLN strand.


An employer that is delivering a programme of Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) training must supply us with the following reports as outlined in its funding letter:

  • a programme commencement report
  • two progress reports and
  • one final report. 

Reports must be submitted through Workspace 2 by the dates outlined in your organisation's funding confirmation letter. 

Funding rate

We allocate WLN funding at a rate of up to $3700 per place. The fixed rate is calculated on the basis of an employer providing an average of 40 hours of literacy, numeracy, or literacy and numeracy tuition per learner within a 10 to 40-week period.


Employers receive four payments, based on milestone reporting. These milestones are outlined in the funding confirmation letter.


Recovery of funds will be based on the assessment of the final report. The details of funding arrangements are established through discussions with individual employers, and the recovery methodology is outlined in the funding confirmation letter.

Performance commitments

Performance commitments and requirements, and minimum performance standards that you must meet are outlined in Appendix Six: Performance commitments and requirements and Minimum Performance Standards in the funding confirmation letter.

Employers must deliver literacy and numeracy programmes to the agreed number of eligible learners over the funding period, at a rate of 40 hours of tuition (on average) per learner over a 10 to 40-week period. 

The programme that is delivered must provide for the following:

  • understanding and measuring employee practices that need to change to improve productivity issues related to literacy and numeracy issues in the workplace
  • a standalone literacy and numeracy programme contextualised to your workplace that addresses the literacy and numeracy problems identified
  • measuring employees’ literacy and numeracy using the Assessment Tool (both pre and post training intervention)
  • understanding and reporting of personal outcomes for employees as a result of taking part in the programme.

Current employer programmes

We have an on-going interest in supporting sustainable workplace literacy and numeracy programmes that benefit employees and business. We will continue to provide advice and guidance to employer programmes currently underway.

Employers may still access workplace literacy and numeracy programmes for their employees by contacting any of the funded WLN providers.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sector Helpdesk at


Further information and helpful resources for WLN training can be found on the Skills Highway website.