Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund

Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund

Last updated 1 November 2016
Last updated 11/01/2016

We are in the process of updating these fund pages for 2017.


Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) funding is provided to employers to set up a sustainable literacy and numeracy programme to increase the literacy and numeracy skills of employees that reflect the needs and priorities of their workplace. 

Who applies:  Employers

Agreed through:  Funding Letter (off Plan)

The following pages are about the Employer-led strand of the Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WLN) Fund. To find information about the TEO-led strand, please see TEO-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Fund in the Fund Finder.

The Employer-led WLN Fund helps employers to:

  • provide high-quality literacy and numeracy programmes that are customised for their workplace, and
  • address productivity problems that have their root causes in literacy and numeracy among employees.

From research, employer reports, and direct employer engagement carried out, we know that high-quality investment in literacy and numeracy provision in the workplace that focusses upon employers’ productivity problems has positive effects for both employees and employers.

We have identified high-quality investment as being marked by:

  • understanding  and measuring employee practices that need to change to improve productivity issues related to literacy and numeracy problems in the workplace,;
  • a standalone literacy and numeracy programme contextualised to your workplace that addresses the literacy and numeracy problems identified,
  • measuring employees’ literacy and numeracy using the Assessment Tool (both pre and post training intervention)
  • understanding and reporting of personal outcomes for employees as a result of the programme.

The Skills Highway website has further information and resources for employers who wish to set up a WLN programme in their workplace, including how to design and implement a new Workplace Literacy and Numeracy programme. Funding for WLN provision by employers is agreed through a Funding Confirmation Letter. A generic copy of this letter is supplied on the ‘Conditions’ tab for your reference.

How to apply

We are in the process of updating these fund pages for 2017.


Applications for the Employer-led WLN Fund are assessed continuously while funds are available.

We are now accepting applications for funding from the Employer-led Workplace Literacy and Numeracy fund. As at 21 March 2016, there were around 300 places available for programmes with delivery planned by 30 June 2016. There are limited places for delivery planned for after 1 July 2016.

Specific questions on constructing an application can be directed to the Skills Highway National Programme Manager at the Industry Training Federation, by calling 04 8943 195.

Employers must use the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Learning Progressions to identify learners’ literacy, language and or numeracy need. An initial and a progress assessment must be completed using one of the following:

The Starting Points Assessment Guide and Vocabulary Assessment are designed for the assessment of learners not yet at the first steps on the Learning Progressions.



The Literacy and Numeracy provision funding mechanism is issued by the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment. The funding mechanism outlines the general form and essential components of the fund.  It provides the mandate for the TEC to allocate the funding. Allocating this fund helps to support the achievement of government policy and the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES).

An employer (that meets the eligibility criteria) that receives WLN funding (Employer-led) is required to:

  • comply with the requirements of the Education Act 1989, and 

  • comply with the funding conditions specified in its funding confirmation letter.