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Ngā kōrero hou

Last updated 7 November 2016
Last updated 11/07/2016

Our website has been refreshed so it better meets the needs of our primary audience, tertiary education organisations (TEOs). We have rewritten most of the content into plain English and made it easier to navigate. As well as an updated design, we have introduced a range of features to improve your online experience.

New features

Focus on tertiary education organisations – this website is designed and written for TEOs as our main audience.

Advanced search and improved navigation – to help you find the content you need we have added an Advanced Search and a Fund Finder search on every page. We have also created a new information architecture based on your feedback, with a focus on organising content in a way that makes sense to users, rather than to us.

Plain English content – most of the content has been rewritten in plain English so that it’s reader-friendly, concise and easy to understand. We will continue to rewrite content over the next few months.

Glossary – definitions of our most commonly-used words (technical terms, acronyms and jargon) will appear as a hover-over above the word. You can see a complete list of our words in the online Glossary which we will continue to expand.

Māori translation – we have provided te reo Māori translations for important content including page titles and landing page summaries.

Photos – we have included photos throughout our site of people in study and training. These were taken at a photo shoot with seven Wellington TEOs in 2016. We aim to refresh these photos regularly.

Case studies – this page highlights some of the work TEOs are doing to deliver on the priorities of the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES).

RSS feeds – subscribe to the new RSS News feeds by subsector, fund or topic and get the news you need sent direct to your email.

Feedback on page content – at the bottom of each page we have provided a link to a feedback form called 'Provide feedback on this page'.  Let us know your thoughts on the page so we can continue to improve our website content and make it more relevant to you.

Fund finder – we have moved the fund content from our previous website into a refreshed design which means it’s now easier to navigate and use. We know how important this part of the website is to you and we’re now working on a redesign of the fund finder and fund pages. We hope we’ll be able to make these improvements available to you in 2017.

Mobile experience we will be testing and improving the mobile experience of our site in the next few weeks.