Accessing archived content

Te whai wāhi ki ngā Pūranga Kōrero

Last updated 4 November 2016
Last updated 11/04/2016

Archived copies of the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) website are available online at the National Library of New Zealand.

The National Library harvests websites on an annual basis. Once a year it takes a snapshot of our entire website. 

Please contact them for any queries you have about accessing this content.

You can also request specific archived content 

If you cannot find the information or document you need on the National Library's archive, you can email a request to

In your request, please include the title of the page or document, the format of the document (eg, Word, PDF, Excel) and the date it was last on the website.

We will email you the content of the archived web page or a copy of the archived document once we have located it.

Accessing education performance indicator (EPI) reports

To access the new educational performance indicator reports on our archived website, click here.

To access the existing education performance indicator reports (and previous years’ reports) on our archived website, click here.

TEC Now news

If you are looking for archived TEC Now content, click here.

Find TEC Now and EPI reports on this website soon

We are starting to migrate EPI Reports and all TEC Now content to this website, for the years 2013 to 2015. You may notice them appearing on the Resources and Publications page over the next few months.

Once they are all moved we will retire the archived website and you will access them from this website. We will update this page when the migration is complete.

Until then, use the links above to access them from our archived website.