ITP Roadmap 2020

ITP Roadmap 2020

Last updated 12 April 2018
Last updated 04/12/2018

The ITP Roadmap 2020 project will look at ways to secure a sustainable future for New Zealand’s institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs) through changes to the structure and operation of the ITP network.

Sector challenges and opportunities

New Zealand’s ITPs play an important role in tertiary education. However, the ITP sector is facing significant financial challenges. Student numbers are in decline for most ITPs, with domestic student numbers reducing by nearly a third in the past 10 years. This is due to a combination of changing demographics, a strong labour market, increased retention at secondary schools, and competition from universities and private training establishments. 

There are some great examples of ITPs changing the way they deliver education and training to continue to be relevant and financially stable. But more widespread change is necessary. This will ensure the ongoing quality, attractiveness and sustainability of ITPs in New Zealand, and their ability to drive regional and national economic development through the knowledge and graduates they produce.

Working with the sector towards change

The ITP Roadmap process will see the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) working alongside ITPs and interested parties, to discuss the challenges the ITPs are facing and identify options for the future.

We will establish working groups, to share understanding of the issues and identify opportunities. We will also provide online opportunities for people to contribute to the conversation about the future of ITPs.

Soon we will publish more detail about the proposed working groups and meetings, as well as research and evidence to inform the discussions. As the project unfolds, we will continue to add relevant information to our website as well as options for change.

We will report back to the Minister of Education later this year.

The ITP Roadmap project will run alongside the Ministry of Education’s wider review of New Zealand’s vocational education and training system. 

For more information

For more information, or to be involved, contact the ITP Roadmap team: