Transfer of Careers New Zealand’s functions into the TEC

Te whakawhiti o te Mana Rapuara Aotearoa ki te AMM

Last updated 2 November 2016
Last updated 11/02/2016

The Government is proposing to transfer Careers New Zealand’s functions into the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC).

This change recognises that Careers New Zealand’s recent strong performance leaves it well-positioned to become a highly effective part of a more integrated careers service within the TEC.

It will make use of our ability to work with tertiary providers and employers to provide better careers information to schools, and coordinate with schools and employers on the skill needs of the labour market.

These improved connections will support students to successfully transition to further study and employment.

Legislation to disestablish Careers New Zealand and transfer its staff and resources to us is scheduled to be passed in early 2017.

If it does pass, we will take over responsibility for the careers functions on the date of enactment.

This will be followed by a six-month transition period where we will work to organise our resources with our new functions.

Implementation of service improvements is also likely to continue beyond the transition period. 

The Careers New Zealand brand will continue to operate within the TEC, if the legislation is passed.

We will continue to keep you up to date on all the latest news and developments to do with this transfer, as it comes to hand.